The Blockscout Brief

A brief update with the latest Blockscout news.

Blockscout brief updates

Hello friends, fellow explorers and blockchain developers! We appreciate your choice to support an open-source explorer for community building and builders. Here are a few recent Blockscout updates to keep you in the loop.

  1. Look for a survey link coming to your email inbox in the next day or so. It will only take 1 minute to fill out and is designed to help inform the roadmap and make Blockscout more useful for everyone. If you'd like to fill it out now, there is a link on the Ethereum explorer page header at
  2. In a win for decentralization, the new Blockscout zkSync Era block explorer joins several zkSync ecosystem explorers to promote transparency and open-source development. The Blockscout instance is live at
  3. Testnet Support! Sepolia is now the go-to testnet for Ethereum-based projects. In addition to the Ethereum Sepolia explorer instance, we've added Blockscout support for Optimism Sepolia and Base Sepolia. We also support the new Holesky Ethereum testnet instance.
  4. The new Fuse Blockscout instance is live! Checkout their optimized explorer at and read more here.
  5. If you want to hear more from the team about our processes and how Blockscout can help an ecosystem grow, checkout this X space talk we recorded with the Neon team.

Thanks! If you'd like to get in touch, please visit us on X or Discord for more information and to get your explorer questions answered.

- The Blockscout Team