Blockscout News: June 2024

Blockscout news June 2024

Hard to believe the year is already half over (or has it only half begunπŸ₯›?) We may need to ask our friends at Optimism their take on it, but for now we're feeling fortunate for what we've accomplished so far and REALLY looking forward to what's to come in the back half of the year!

In June we announced several exciting integrations, launched 2 contests (both ending in 24 hours if you πŸ’™ easy money), and continued our work to support new chains and features. Let's take a πŸ‘€

An Optimistic Glass


Optimism Dispute Games

The permissionless fault proof system has arrived on Optimism, and Blockscout is already providing insights and tracking into the current status of the dispute games. Users participate in dispute games to submit and challenge output proposals related to withdrawals from the OP L2 to Ethereum L1, with bonds incentivizing honest participation.

The Blockscout interface currently tracks L2 blocks, age, and status of each dispute game (Defender wins, Challenger wins, or in progress while the game is taking place). We look forward to supporting more dispute games throughout the OP Superchain ecosystem as permissionless withdrawals become the standard!

Blockscout Contests

We've been running several contests in June and both are ending in the next 24 hours! These contests are designed for anyone with a low barrier to entry. Try something new and receive a healthy reward πŸ˜‹

Peanut Protocol
$2,000 split among 50 participants

The instructions for participation are below - the whole process takes minutes to create a link on one chain (like Optimism) and claim on Base. Odds of winning a prize are excellent!

Blockscout and Peanut Protocol: Send crypto safely
Transfer funds cross-chain with the Peanut Protocol and Blockscout. Create payment links safely from within the Blockscout explorer environment.

Farcaster Frame
$500 split among participants

Curious about Farcaster? Our new frame lets you share an address balance with the world in a great looking format. Simply follow @blockscout + the /blockscout channel and share your Frame with on-chain analytics for your address using the #blockscout hashtag. More info here.

To quickly add a frame paste in the following url, replacing <your-address-here> with your 0x address. The frame will appear once you cast.<your-address-here>

For example shows Vitalik's address on Base.
Base blockchain address display
Example EOA frame on Base

Premium Telegram Subscription
50 winners per week

Join our telegram communities and you are automatically entered for a chance to win one of 50 Premium Telegram Subscriptions weekly! This contest is open to all subscribers to our telegram channels! Next drawing is July 5.

Refill Gas with smol

Our latest Blockscout DeFi addition allows for a quick token conversions into gas thanks to smol. This is often needed if you receive tokens to an address but don't have any native tokens to pay gas fees for transfers etc. With the Get gas feature, you can convert some of these tokens into gas tokens quickly and anonymously.

To get started, go to the DeFi button and select Get gas from the dropdown.

Get gas on Blockscout

You will be taken to the smol app in Blockscout where you can convert to the gas (native) token using any current on-chain token you hold. Simply click Select Token to choose the token you want to use to convert to gas then follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Select Token on Blockscout

If you don't have any tokens on the current chain but want to convert tokens from another chain, smol also supports token bridging and many different networks. However, to bridge you will need to visit the smol standalone application. The Get gas feature on Blockscout currently only supports same-chain swaps for gas.

View Cross-chain balances with Zerion

Our new integration with Zerion lets you quickly view balances across chains. When viewing an address you will see the new Net Worth field. Click on the Zerion button and you'll be redirected to Zerion in Blockscout, where you can view your cross-chain balances, NFTs, history and more from one convenient place.


Quick video showing the Zerion integration on Base

Backdrop online hackathon starts July 8

Build is a 4 week online hackathon helping builders launch something new on Blockscout and other tech. Top apps will receive prominent placement within the explorer, accompanied by dedicated marketing campaigns to boost visibility and attract more attention to your innovative DApp.

Get the details πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Blockscout Hackathon in collaboration with Backdrop
Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the Builders Track with Backdrop and Blockscout. Sign up now and bring your best dApp ideas to life.

πŸŽ‰ Featuring Blockscout

  • We were selected as a top 22 project to participate in the next Octant allocation round for epoch 4. Octant is developed by the Golem foundation, an organization that has staked 100K ETH and uses the proceeds from staking to fund public goods. $GLM holders determine which projects receive funding and donations are amplified by Octant. The allocation window begins on July 15.
  • Blockscout is a featured explorer in the new Quicknode Builder's Guide, a comprehensive manual for all the tools needed for launching a blockchain, participating in web3 gaming, and using an embedded wallet.
Top Blockchain Explorer Tools for Developers | QuickNode
Discover blockchain explorer tools to track, analyze, and visualize blockchain data for your projects. Enhance transparency and insights.
  • More than 400 folks tuned into our ENS Radio show where D0sh from Blockscout and Evan Moyer of ENS discussed the past, present, and future of Blockscout's opens-source exploration along with some exciting ENS support features.
  • Chaineye builds free & open source omni-chain analytical tools. Their zero-fee bridge, Minibridge, is now fully integrated with the Blockscout DAppscout marketplace.

New Chains Galore!

We welcomed several new chains to the Blockscout family this month πŸ₯°

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero's L2 is a new Gelato RaaS Chain, built on Arbitrum Nitro and leveraging its own Data Availability layer.

Verify Chain

FOX Corp is launching Verify Chain, an L2 zk rollup built with P0lygon CDK and using Gelato Network's RaaS. Their Blockscout testnet explorer is now live.

Fox Launches Protocol for Content Verification on Polygon - The Defiant
Fox Corp. today announced the beta release of an open-source protocol built on the Polygon proof-of-stake network, to help media companies prove the provenance of content.

Layer Edge

Layer Edge is a new Bitcoin L2 is using Blockscout to support fast & inexpensive transactions.


GameSwift is a builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the best gaming experience to next billion gamers onchain. Supported by Gelato RaaS with Blockscout powering chain exploration.

GameSwift Chain Testnet is Officially LIVE!
The wait is over. The GameSwift Chain Testnet is live, fully operational, and ready for everyone to try. Consider this Testnet your playground for innovation and experimentation with gaming dApps.


LIF3 is a complete DeFi protocol designed to simplifying digital asset management across multiple blockchains. Integrates with Blockscout
We are excited to announce a collaboration with LIF3, an emerging powerhouse in next-gen DeFi protocols.


LycanChain offers a scalable, developer-friendly blockchain platform for next-gen apps, along with a unique automated burning protocol.

LycanChain Partners with Blockscout for Block Explorer
LycanChain has chosen Blockscout as their block explorer, enhancing transparency and accessibility for their users.

EthBelgrade was a blast

We had the chance to sponsor EthBelgrade in June, participating in talks and meeting with many chains, projects and collaborators. Senior product manager Mike Krupin also spoke at the Web3 Security Summit about how DAppscout provides additional security for DApp users.

Next Up: Brussels!

Our team will be at EthCC and ETHGlobal next week. We'll be hosting several sessions and a HUGE hackathon bounty at ETHGlobal. If you're participating you've got to check it out!

The Blockscout monthly newsletter goes out to all MyAccount community users on supported chains. We welcome your feedback on topics you'd like to see covered or any questions you have. Visit us on X or Discord to get your explorer questions answered or get your project added to our growing network list ⬇️

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