Blockscout and Peanut Protocol team up for a Peanut Powered Raffle!

Blockscout and Peanut Protocol for safe and fast crypto transfers

What if sending and receiving crypto across chains was easy, like easier than grandma-sending-the-appropriate-😂-emoji kind of easy? It would be a game changer for crypto and onboarding the next billion. Fortunately for us, Peanut Protocol is making this idea a reality with their token transfer via URL app! 

We’re teaming up with Peanut Protocol to show you a glimpse of how it can work. We’ve incorporated Peanut into DAppscout, and you can now interact with the protocol and create payment links safely, without ever leaving the comfort of the Blockscout explorer environment. 

To celebrate this collaboration, we’ve created a raffle where 🎉 50 lucky winners will split a $2000 pot just for sending and claiming funds! To participate, simply visit DAppscout on the chain of your choice, go to the Peanut Protocol DApp to create a link, then claim that link on Base. You can create a link for a friend, or claim the link yourself as a way to easily bridge funds from 1 chain to another.

How does it work?

Here’s how to try this smooth integration and participate in the raffle.

To qualify:

  1. Create a Peanut link in Blockscout on any chain supported by Blockscout and Peanut Protocol. 
  2. Claim a link on Base to be entered into the raffle. 
Links should be created for a minimum of $50 USD for large cap tokens and $20 USD for small cap tokens.

In the following example we start on Optimism then claim funds on Base to demonstrate a powerful use-case: A quick bridge for seamless and inexpensive cross-chain transfers.  

1) We'll start on one of our favorite Blockscout instances (, find the Blockscout DeFi button, and click on Payment link.

Blockscout DeFi button
Click on the Blockscout DeFi button
Blockscout payment link
Select Payment link

2) We’re forwarded to the Peanut Protocol app within Blockscout and prompted to connect a wallet (if not connected already). We select our wallet of choice and connect. It makes sense to double check the wallet is also connected to the network we’re exploring (in this case we're on Optimism and connect with MetaMask).

Connect to Blockscout with your wallet of choice
Connecting with a wallet of choice
Confirm wallet connection on Blockscout
Confirming the wallet connection on Blockscout

3) Let’s send some crypto! We see we’re connected and have a balance of ETH on Optimism.

If you’ve connected to Peanut before on a different chain or with a different wallet, you may need to disconnect and reconnect with your current wallet to ensure a smooth experience, refreshing the browser as needed.
Check chain connections in Blockscout
Check wallet connections, confirm the correct chain and select the token to send

We can also check other available tokens we might want to send by clicking on the Optimism ETH box.

4) We decide to stick with Ether and enter the amount of our link in USD. We enter $51.50 USD, which correlates to 0.015152 ETH (and just above the $50 minimum!).

Send crypto with a link on Blockscout
Enter the amount in USD, it will display the correlating token amount

5) We click Send and are prompted to sign the transaction in our wallet. There’s a (very) small fee to process the transaction and create the link.

Sign the transaction in your Blockscout-connected wallet
Sign the transaction

6) It worked! We’re forwarded to a page with a link that contains all the information we need for a claim! 

Copy the private peanut protocol link
Copy the link for the claim, make sure to keep it private.

We can subscribe to receive confirmation once a link is claimed. This is great if you’re sending a link to a friend or using a link for promotions and don’t know when it will be used. In our case, we want to bridge these funds from Optimism to Base and will claim with the same wallet, so we’ll click to copy and move on to phase 2, claiming a link!

1) Claiming is easy, we paste the copied link into our browser to get started. The amount available is shown for our claim (the dollar amount has risen slightly with an increase in the ETH price)! 

Pasting the Blockscout Peanut link into a browser
Link pasted into browser
Check the connected accounts. Your wallet may already be connected if you are in the same browser environment. If not, reconnect with the wallet you want to use to claim the funds. Check both Blockscout and Peanut accounts to make sure the correct wallet/network is connected and refresh the browser as needed.

2) Next we:

  1. Select which chain we want to claim the funds on.
  2. Choose the type of token we want to receive.
  3. Press Claim to begin the process.
Chain, token and claim
Select chain and token to receive, then click Claim
  1. We can choose from a lot of different chains. To qualify for the raffle, we make sure to claim on Base!
Supported chains, we select BASE
Supported chains, we select BASE
  1. We can change the token we want to receive. We stick with ETH, but there are lots of options!
Supported tokens
Supported tokens
  1. We click Claim to start the process. It’s also possible to enter a manual address if there are any difficulties connecting, making sure to double check the address!

3) Success (mostly)! We see the congratulations message along with a link to the transaction on the source chain (in this case Optimism) along with a link to the axelar transaction. Axelar is an interoperability protocol that handles the cross-chain transfers for Peanut, and this process can take time depending on the nature of the transaction and the chain. 

Clicking on the axelar transaction link gives us more insight into the transaction status. We see we’re waiting on finality for the transaction to be completed. We’ll have to wait a little while to receive the funds.

  1. Success (for real)! We grab a cup of ☕️ and come back to find our claim is now complete! 

We can check the transaction on the destination chain (Base) with Blockscout to see our received funds 🥳.  Scrolling down to token transfers we can see all the actions that made this “easy” transfer possible.

And that’s it, a smooth transfer of ETH from Optimism to Base.

The raffle goes until July 2 and you can make as many transfers & claims on Base as you’d like, each qualifying transaction receives a raffle ticket. Have fun and stay safe with Peanut and DAppscout!

About Peanut Protocol

Peanut Protocol allows token transfers using URLs, leveraging secret-protected vault smart contracts. Peanut Protocol supports various token types, including native tokens, ERC-20s, NFTs (ERC-721s and ERC-1155), and is compatible with over 20 EVMs. Accessible via SDK, app, or direct smart contract integration, it offers features like multi-token links, raffle links, and cross-chain links, and is open-source under GNU GPLv3.0.About Blockscout & DAppscout

About Blockscout & DAppscout

Blockscout is the #1 open-source block explorer available today, trusted by L1s, L2s, L3s spanning the entire blockchain universe. The new DAppscout marketplace, built inside Blockscout, provides a safe discoverability and interaction platform for DApps and their users. Blockscout offers a wide range of services for blockchains, including an Explorer-as-a-Service option and opportunities for DApp listings in DAppscout. Explore more today.