Build with Blockscout and Backdrop in July

Blockscout build with Backdrop

Join Our Builders Track with Backdrop

Ready to build the next big thing in crypto? Our Builders Track, in collaboration with Backdrop, is the perfect opportunity for developers to showcase their creativity and innovation. Whether you’re an experienced developer or new to the scene, this program offers everything you need to bring your dApp to life.

Key Dates

  • Application Deadline: July 1st
  • Program Start Date: July 8th

What’s the Builders Track?

The Builders Track with Backdrop is a four-week program designed to help developers launch innovative dApps. By utilizing the Blockscout Explorer & API, participants can verify their smart contracts, list on our marketplace, and access a suite of powerful features to build, innovate, and showcase their projects.

Why Participate?

  • High Visibility: Build on the best block explorer and get your dApp featured on our marketplace. Top projects will receive dedicated marketing support to boost visibility and attract more users.
  • Comprehensive Tools: Blockscout offers real-time block and transaction exploration, smart contract verification, and comprehensive API access, making blockchain exploration seamless and accessible.
  • Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded builders, share your progress, get feedback from real users, and help each other succeed.

Big onchain dreams? Think Bigger

Blockscout is excited to see groundbreaking and innovative products designed to welcome new users to the Web3 space. Whether it’s analytics tools, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), wallets, or games, we invite you to showcase your creativity on our dApp marketplace. 

Explore our dApp marketplace on Base or Optimism for inspiration and join us in creating the next generation of applications that will onboard the next billion users onchain.

Build on Blockscout

A killer dApp idea is nothing if nobody knows about it. Top apps will receive prominent placement within our explorer, accompanied by dedicated marketing campaigns to boost visibility and attract more attention to your innovative dApp. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the Builders Track with Backdrop and Blockscout. Sign up now and bring your dApp idea to life with the best tools and support.