Lumoz and Blockscout collaborate to elevate the zk-RaaS experience

Lumoz (formerly Opside) is illuminating a path for easy zk-rollup deployment through their unique RaaS (rollup-as-a-service) offering and its decentralized prover network. Blockscout is incorporated directly into the deployment flow, making each new chain instantly explorable at launch.

Lumoz and Blockscout collaborate to elevate the zk-RaaS experience

RaaS (rollup-as-a-service) providers are fueling the next big blockchain expansion. Lumoz, which recently rebranded from Opside, provides tools and services dedicated to decentralized zk-rollup (zero-knowledge-rollup) deployment. Their platform offers an easy-to-use, universal launchbase where anyone can quickly create a zk-rollup with several different options. 

When a new project launches a rollup with Lumoz, they are presented with a few screens to walk through and configure their rollup.

First, a project selects the base layer where transactions are settled. Currently, testnet layers include Goerli (Ethereum), Mumbai (Polygon), BNB testnet or the Lumoz base layer.

Lumoz Base Layer
Base Layer

Once the base layer is selected, projects choose their preferred zkEVM type from choices including Polygon zkEVM, zkSync, Scroll and StarkNet. They also select a gas token, data availability layer, and sequencer to complete the setup parameters.

Lumoz zkEVM type
zkEVM type

This configurability gives projects the ability to customize a zk-rollup to fit their exact specifications. To support this variable infrastructure, Lumoz needs to be flexible and comprehensive at the same time. This is where Blockscout comes in

Blockscout is a universal multi-chain explorer, supporting more than 450 chains in the ecosystem. This includes base layer chains as well as L2s using optimistic rollups or zk-rollups. It is imperative that a new chain launch with a functional block explorer, and to make sure this is the case, Blockscout is automatically added into every Lumoz zk-rollup launch. Blockscout’s flexibility means it can be deployed for any zk-rollup and base layer configuration with instant accessibility.

When a chain launches with Lumoz, it comes complete with a bridge and explorer, creating an all-in-one, ready solution for projects who need a fast and secure blockchain. The Blockscout instance at launch is fully-functional, giving users the ability to view all transactions and verify and interact with contracts. Projects who need additional support, custom features or UI enhancements can always contact the Blockscout team for additional services.

Blockscout is becoming the go-to solution for RaaS providers, and we are proud to collaborate with Lumoz to elevate the zk-rollup experience. Lumoz already supports 15 rollups within their ecosystem, and the decentralized prover network has generated more than 3 million zero-knowledge proofs! As per the roadmap, Lumoz is on track to unveil its mainnet in the first half of next year, spanning from Q1 to Q2..  We look forward to many more rollups onboarding into the ecosystem with Lumoz and using Blockscout to explore and interact with their chains.

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