Blockscout Newsletter: October 2023

Blockscout October 2023 Newsletter

Hello fellow explorers 🎃 ! Thanks for making Blockscout the #1 open-source decentralized explorer available today. This monthly newsletter goes out to all MyAccount community users on supported chains. We hope you find it informative, and would love to get your feedback on topics you'd like to see covered or questions you have.

Survey Says

We appreciate everyone who filled out our quick survey on web3 usage and how people are using explorers and DApps. This helps us make Blockscout better and develop useful features for all. A few quick insights:

  • A majority of web3 users who filled the survey visit an explorer every day! This makes sense - data-driven insights and transaction verification are important, and explorers are the place to track everything happening on-chain.
  • DApp (Decentralized Application) usage is also heavy, as expected. However, there was an even split between daily users and people who visited DApps several times a week.
  • The types of DApps people visit are extremely diverse. While DEXs are the most popular by a slim margin, there are many different categories of DApps people are using regularly within the web3 universe.

As we continue to develop the DAppscout Marketplace we will use these insights to inform our development and design process.

💡 If you are a DApp looking to be a first mover and get listed in the DAppscout Marketplace, submit a DApp for review now!

Private Tagging

Private tagging in Blockscout lets you customize your explorer experience. It's an extremely useful feature and it's easy to add private tags for addresses or specific transactions. Simply login through My Account, then add the address along with your tag. Stay logged in and explore the chain to view your tags in the interface. Pro tip... don't forget the emojis 👻!

Add a private address tag through my account
View the tag on the contract page you tagged

👉 Additional instructions and info on Private Tags

All about that Raas

RaaS (Rollup as a Service) providers are taking the ecosystem by storm. It's never been simpler to get a chain up-and-running in an L2 environment. Not only is an optimized chain deployed, but vital infrastructure like a block explorer also come standard with each instance. Blockscout is leading the way as a default open-source explorer deployed for many RaaS providers. We are collaborating with these awesome providers to help make the RaaS experience seamless for all kinds of new rollups!

Below are some quick overviews along with recents tweets from some or our RaaS collaborators and partners.


Gelato Rollup-as-a-Service(RaaS) lets developers to deploy tailor-made L2 chains effortlessly with a single click. Their first Blockscout instance is the Astar zkEVM zKatana testnet, with many more instances to come.


Production grade OP Chains (rollups on top of Ethereum using the OP Stack) or Arbitrum Orbit rollups can be easily deployed in minutes.


Providing tools and services dedicated to decentralized zk-rollup (zero-knowledge-rollup) deployments.


  • Lets users deploy instant private zk-rollups which can settle on Ethereum or Gnosis Chain, greatly simplifing the deployment process for blockchain projects.


Caldera makes it easy to launch performant, customizable Arbitrum Orbit and OP Stack rollups. No code required.

New Blockscout Instances

We're excited to welcome several new instances to the rapidly growing Blockscout family this month! These instances and infrastructure are hosted by the Blockscout team - Welcome!


  • Lightlink is a Layer 2 blockchain where 0.5 second block times support Gaming, NFT, Metaverse and other high speed applications.

zkSync Era


Thanks friends and please visit us on X or Discord for more information or to get your explorer questions answered. If your network needs a reliable, open-source explorer let's get in touch 👋!