Etherlink selects Blockscout for their smart rollup explorer

When selecting an explorer for Etherlink, key features included an open-source codebase, community support, extensive blockchain analytics capabilities, and ease of integration with Etherlink's unique architecture.

Etherlink Blockscout Block Explorer
Etherlink Blockscout testnet explorer

Etherlink is an EVM-compatible optimistic rollup that is decentralized, secure and affordable. We've been working on the explorer for their testnet, and had a chance to talk with the team about their network and what's in the pipeline.

B) Hi guys! At Blockscout we're really excited to be launching an explorer for Etherlink, which is the first official EVM-compatible rollup to launch in the Tezos ecosystem! First off, can you tell us a little more about Tezos and what makes it a unique blockchain?

E) Tezos is a pioneering blockchain known for its self-amending crypto-ledger, which allows the protocol to upgrade itself over time without needing to fork. This feature is unique as it enables Tezos to adapt and incorporate new technologies and improvements through an on-chain governance process. Tezos also emphasizes security, formal verification (which allows developers to prove the correctness of their code), and energy efficiency thanks to its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. These attributes make Tezos a forward-thinking and sustainable blockchain platform that can evolve with the changing landscape of blockchain technology.

B) Etherlink is an EVM-compatible smart rollup built on Tezos. What are the features of the Etherlink smart rollup?

E) Etherlink offers the foundational benefits of EVM roll ups such as scalability and lower transaction fees, enhancing the overall efficiency and affordability of blockchain operations. It supports all EVM Tooling so that developers already working in the Ethereum ecosystem can use familiar EVM-based tools like Hardhat, Foundry, and Viem to ensure a smooth transition.

Some Etherlink diifferentiators include that it is EVM enshrined, has a decentralized sequencer, sub-second L2 finality, and external data retrieval.

B) It's important to have the continuity of the EVM environment along with differentiators that make the chain unique - can you describe those a little more?

E) Sure. EVM enshrined means that Etherlink benefits from direct integration with Tezos layer 1, providing a robust and secure foundation.

Our decentralized sequencer offers high availability, and censorship resistance, making Etherlink uniquely positioned in terms of decentralization.

With transaction finality achieved in approximately 750ms and data posted to L1 in less than 15 seconds, Etherlink ensures rapid transaction processing through sub-second L2 finality.

Finally, Etherlink is capable of external data retrieval from outside the Tezos ecosystem, facilitating broader interoperability and application use cases.

B) We've enjoyed working on Etherlink and exploring ways to support fast finality and other features. Wondering about your thought process when you were selecting an explorer for Etherlink. What features were the most important to you and why did you ultimately end up going with Blockscout?

E) When selecting an explorer for Etherlink, key features that were important included an open-source codebase, community support, extensive blockchain analytics capabilities, and ease of integration with Etherlink's unique architecture.

Blockscout was ultimately chosen due to its alignment with these criteria, offering comprehensive insights into blockchain data that are vital for developers and users alike. Its open-source and community-driven approach also mirrors the ethos of the Etherlink project, emphasizing collaboration and transparency.

B) Blockscout and Etherlink align in many ways - notably that we are both open-source and community-driven projects where community members contribute code and ideas. Can you talk more about your community process and initiatives?

E) Etherlink places a strong emphasis on community involvement and open-source development. The project encourages community members to contribute code, propose improvements, and participate in governance decisions. Initiatives include our recent partnership with Fortify Labs to provide builders coming to Etherlink with a full suite of support and mentors to accelerate the development and initial growth of their dapps. 

We have also recently sponsored Encode Club’s hackathon to provide further incentives for developers to build on Etherlink. Learn more about that here

B) Of course the next question is ‘wen mainnet’? What is happening between now and then as you get ready for mainnet?

E) We will be launching mainnet beta soon! Keep your eyes peeled and do check out our brief roadmap on our website to learn more:

B) Thanks so much, we're thrilled to support Etherlink testnet and mainnet and our ongoing collaboration! We'll be sure to keep Blockscout users informed about the mainnet launch and other upcoming Etherlink news.