Cometh integration provides easy, anonymous account creation

Blockscout Cometh integration

Blockscout users now have a convenient way to create an account without providing any additional information (such as email or Github) when setting it up. This is a first step towards deeper account abstraction (ERC-4337) features Blockscout will be adding in the near future.

With the new Cometh integration, it is easy to use the passkey login to quickly create a My Account profile and have access to watchlists, API keys, and more. This integration is now live on Gnosis Chain, with more chains coming soon!

To start, use the MyAccount feature in Blockscout to login. If you are already logged in with a different account, logout first to try this feature.

After you click the icon, a modal will appear with different sign-in options. Choose the Continue with Passkey option.

You will be redirected to the Cometh Connect site and automatically signed in via the interface. If you are signing in via mobile, you may need to save your passkey for "Cometh Connect" to create an account.

Once created, you will be returned to the Blockscout site with a new My Account! Your account will be displayed as an 0x address hash - this will be your profile name.

The 0x address created is not the same as a connected wallet address in Blockscout, and does not have an interface for regular wallet usage. Think of it as your profile name, not as a working wallet.
You will see your new account as an 0x address

You can now access items such as watch list, API keys and tags. Clicking on My profile will show you the name and nickname. You cannot edit this information, or add an email to this type of account.

Other features within the MyAccount section are now available to you, with the exception of smart contract ownership verification (My verified addresses). This feature requires an account with email or github verification. If you want to use My verified addresses, you will need to logout of your Cometh account and log back in with one of these methods.

Remember that this account is not the same as a connected wallet, and cannot use it to interact with smart contracts or DAppscout. You will still need to Connect your wallet to use these features.

Connect with WalletConnect, MetaMask or another web3 wallet for interactivity

This initial Cometh integration allows for easy anonymous account creation in Blockscout. It is a step towards more advanced account abstraction methods we'll be adding in the coming year, designed to onboard new users and provide tools for seamless block exploration and ecosystem interaction.

About Cometh

Cometh is a web3 development platform empowering developers to build games and applications with ease. They provide a suite of tools and SDKs for Biometry & Account Abstraction as a Service, allowing users to manage their wallets with biometrics and provide dApps the ability to handle user transaction fees without needing to pay gas fees. In addition, their NFT marketplace API and SDK gives developers the tools they need to build their own advanced marketplaces.