Announcing Blockscout 6.0

Blockscout 6.0 introduces backend changes designed to supercharge your block explorer experience.

Blockscout speed and performance increases

🚀 Blockscout 6.0.0 is here, bringing significant speed and optimization improvements to the Blockscout explorer!

Over the past year we’ve been delivering a ton of front-end updates for users. At the same time, we’ve been working behind the scenes to improve database performance and storage for all blockchain data.

Today we're thrilled to announce the result of these efforts with Blockscout 6.0! The optimized database in 6.0 uses a new schema with 3 major updates (and many minor ones) designed to increase performance. 

  1. Transactions: We reworked (denormalized) the transactions table to include several data fields from the blocks table - block timestamp and consensus fields. This eliminates the need to use joins when calling various API endpoints, resulting in a 23% performance increase.
  2. Token balance: We reworked the token balance table to include the token type, significantly increasing the speed of the token balance fetcher. 
  3. Event logs: We optimized event log topics (changed from string to byte type), resulting in a 20%+ reduction in size for the logs table with indexes.

We'll be rolling out 6.0 to our hosted instances in the coming weeks. There may be slight downtime during the updates, and we'll keep chains informed as we perform the upgrade.

We are already seeing performance increases across the board, and are working now to collect data on these various improvements. We’ll share these in an upcoming post!

Note for projects migrating to 6.0 on your own:
Please read the issue carefully and make sure to copy the previous DB before running the DB migration. Upgrading may also result in a bit of downtime, so be prepared before you start!

Blockscout news goes out to all MyAccount community users on supported chains. We hope you find it informative, and would love to get your feedback on topics you'd like to see covered or any questions you have. Visit us on X or Discord to get your explorer questions answered or get your project added to our growing network list ⬇️