Blockscout and Presto collaborate on next-gen RaaS

With the latest Blockscout x Presto collaboration, a 1-click zk-rollup which includes Blockscout and other essential tools is available to anyone!

Blockscout and Presto collaborate on RaaS for zk-rollups
The Blockscout X Presto collaboration massively simplifies zk-rollup deployment

What if deploying a new zk-rollup was as simple as clicking a button? With a few clicks you'd not only have an instant zk-rollup, but also essential tools like a bridge for moving assets and a full-featured Blockscout block explorer for viewing transactions and interacting with smart contracts. This type of deployment process would be a game-changer for projects that want a blockchain but don't know where or how to start.

With the latest Blockscout x Presto 🎩 🐇 collaboration, 1-click zk-rollup magic is available to anyone who wants to deploy a fast, scalable, and reliable rollup!

Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) for anyone

Presto is a new rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) from Their RaaS offering greatly simplifies the deployment process for blockchain projects. Rather than struggling through a long setup process, anyone can simply enter a few parameters, click a button, and in ~6 minutes access and use a brand new rollup along with a dedicated Blockscout explorer instance.

Every chain or rollup needs a companion explorer, and Blockscout delivers ease, comprehensive views, and a consistent experience for Presto's zk-rollup users. Blockscout is deployed behind the scenes; once the chain is ready the explorer is also ready and users can inspect transactions, developers can deploy and verify contracts, and anyone can interact and use the new rollup.

From the Presto dashboard, details about the instance are front and center. It's easy to use a built-in faucet (on the dev instance), access the RPC, and of course visit and interact with Blockscout. Blockscout starts from the genesis block, and any transactions, blocks, etc can be viewed as they are processed in real time.

Example deployment from a mobile

This quick video shows a rollup deployment on the go from a mobile device!

Deploy a full-featured zk-rollup with Presto, featuring a Blockscout block explorer

More features coming soon

Presto just announced their launch, and they will continue adding features over the coming months. These include an easy wallet integration, private-rollups, and analytics. In addition, Presto plans to integrate the new Blockscout UI, giving rollup users more explorer features along with a beautiful interface designed to function as a portal to all chain-related activities.

In the first week alone, over 50 rollups were launched by independent users on the Sepolia devnet. We look forward to helping many more projects launch in production as this collaboration unfolds!