Blockscout News: March 2024

Blockscout updates EIP-4844

We've been busy blobbing this month with some major updates and upgrades to the Blockscout explorer!

  • The moment Dencun rolled out at 13:55 UTC March 13 we were ready for EIP-4844 and blobs.
  • Our March backend release v6.3.0 includes import improvements via parallelized indexing, internal transaction speed optimizations, ERC-404 support (a single NFT owned by multiple wallets) and API improvements.
  • Our March frontend release v1.27 introduces several custom pages, a "dim out" feature which improves search functionality, and various visual updates to the interface.
  • Blockscout continues to level the playing field between our open-source solution and other closed-source explorers. Recent features include expanded API support, performance improvements, advanced filters, verification wizards and much more. If your chain isn't running the latest version, please upgrade now to enjoy the speed, improved functionality, and optimizations in the latest releases!

DAppscout Swap Button Rollout

An embedded swap button is now available on several Blockscout instances, including Ethereum, Gnosis, Optimism and Base. The swap button makes token swapping a breeze, taking you to a popular DEX or DEX aggregator directly on the DAppscout marketplace.

Assuming your wallet is already connected to Blockscout, swaps can be performed immediately. Currently Cowswap is our featured swap partner on Ethereum and Gnosis, Uniswap is featured on Optimism, and Aerodrome simplifies swaps on Base.

BlockSec Integration

The new Blocksec integration provides tons of additional metadata and other useful features via the MetaSuites extension. Blocksec has over 300 million labeled addresses in their extensive database, and these labels are now available in Blockscout. Additional features include GPT-powered transaction explanation and quick access to Phalcon Explorer's transaction visualization tool.

We're confident that this collaboration will provide Blockscout users with detailed and insightful address and transaction information, streamlining their analysis process and enabling smarter, more secure trading decisions.

Read the full post from BlockSec and supercharge your explorer instance with Blocksec and Metasuites!

BlockSec and Blockscout Join Forces for Advanced Transaction Analysis | BlockSec Blog
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Blockscout! 🎉

WalletConnect Listing

Several members of our team had a chance to participate in WalletConnect's WalletCon and get a glimpse of many new innovations coming to web3 wallets and DApps in 2024. We'll have early access to future WalletConnect features to help provide connected, interactive exploration for all Blockscout users. Blockscout is now live in the WalletConnect directory.

WalletConnect - Blockscout
Blockscout is a full-featured, open-source block explorer and DApp marketplace designed for L1s, L2s, and rollups.

Testnets in Bloom

Blockscout testnets are in full bloom this month 🌷 with many networks leveraging Blockscout to support their test instances. Blockscout is the #1 testnet explorer - our dockerized deployment scripts let projects deploy and setup in minutes and immediately begin interacting with their chain. Blockscout is a vital public good for networks for feature development, debugging, and experimentation within a testing environment.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

As we move into the summer conference season we have some exciting talks and keynotes coming up. Mark your calendars for these talks, and stay tuned for more announcements!

Igor Barinov, Blockscout Director & Founder will be giving a talk and participating in a panel at EthereumZurich on April 7.

2024-4-7 > 11:25 - 12:15 > VERGE STAGE

2024-4-7 > 15:25 - 15:45 > SURGE STAGE

Igor Barinov, Blockscout director & founder, will be speaking at ETHDubai, 20-21 of April. Time and date TBD.

Mike Krupin, Product Manager, will be speaking at Dappcon24, 21-23 May, on "dApp Security: Creating a Trusted Web3 Space". Time and Date TBD.

🔭 Blockscout Lookout

As an open-source software we're constantly surprised and amazed by new instances popping up 👀!

This month we were introduced to the Manta Pacific Explorer instance by BLIO. Their front-end work shows how fluid and customizable Blockscout can be.

Manta Pacific Blockscout explorer
Manta Pacific Explorer instance with custom front-end by BLIO

The Snapchain PanGu Testnet is a Layer 2 zk-validium of Ethereum Sepolia, built using Polygon's CDK stack.

Snapchain pangu testnet
Snapchain Pangu testnet

We were excited to see the trending L3 Degen Chain launched by Syndicate using Blockscout as their primary explorer!

Degen Chain Blockscout explorer
Degen Chain explorer

If your chain is running Blockscout or thinking of deploying an instance, drop us a line and let us know, we'd love to feature your network in an upcoming newsletter!

The Blockscout monthly newsletter goes out to all MyAccount community users on supported chains. We welcome your feedback on topics you'd like to see covered or any questions you have. Visit us on X or Discord to get your explorer questions answered or get your project added to our growing network list ⬇️