Blockscout + Noves: Making On-Chain Data Easy to Read

We're excited to announce our native integration with Noves - the leading provider of translated blockchain data.

Noves on-chain data integrated with Blockscout

Noves provides the semantic layer that is missing in day-to-day usage of blockchains. With this integration, Blockscout users can quickly and painlessly understand the meaning of each transaction, without spending time trying to decipher the raw technical data.

Noves transaction summary on Blockscout

The integration is live on both the wallet and transaction pages. A Noves-enabled instance of Blockscout displays a "transaction type" that accurately and succinctly describes the real-world meaning of each transaction, along with an English description that captures in simple terms what exactly happened. For example: "Staked 1 ETH and claimed 100 USDC in rewards".

Noves in Action

Video and screenshots from the Blockscout Ethereum Sepolia instance at

Quick overview video of the integration

Type section on Blockscout with Noves data
“Type” section displays Noves-enhanced transaction classifications
Noves transaction details on Blockscout
New feature under “Transaction details” displays a clear & simple description of what happened in a transaction
Noves asset flows on Blockscout
New “Asset Flows” tab shows the token flow of assets in / out of the wallet, also classified

Adding the Noves Integration

With the Noves integration, any blockchain running a Blockscout instance can elect to have Noves data as an “add-on”. Today, Noves supports 40+ chains, both EVM and non-EVM alike.

The Noves integration is now available in Blockscout's frontend repository. For chains that want to add Noves to their Blockscout instance, simply sign up to generate a Noves API key.

Chains supporting Noves

On-chain data is intrinsically complex and hard to make sense of. This poses a major roadblock for the broader adoption of blockchain technology. With this integration, we take a firm step toward addressing this UX challenge.

“I love how Blockscout leads by delivering value across the blockchain space,” said Ben Roy, CEO of Noves, “so of course we jumped at the chance to collaborate, to bring better data to the ecosystems they serve. Both of our teams are committed to helping people understand what happened on the blockchain, and together we’re doing that better than ever.”

Igor Barinov, Blockscout founder, agrees. "We are always looking for ways to simplify data presentation and provide efficient information about transactions. The Noves integration provides relevant info in a straightforward, accessible format. If you want to dig deeper into the data you can go as deep as you want with Blockscout, but if you just need a simple summary of what happened in a transaction, Noves serves it up in an easy-to-read way."

About Noves

Noves is the leading provider of translated blockchain data. Their solutions cater to various needs, from transaction safety and transaction history, to accounting and finance applications, token pricing, and more. Noves supports a vast array of 45+ chains and countless protocols, providing comprehensive data access and usability.

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